Film Study: Baylor Signee Seth Russell

Film Study: Baylor Signee Seth Russell

A look at the film at incoming Baylor freshman quarterback Seth Russell.

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Looking at the Baylor 2012 Football Recruiting Class

Name: Seth Russell Position: Quarterback

Height: 6'4''

Weight: 195 lbs.

High School: Garland High School (Garland, Texas)

Right off the bat, Russell looks the part of a Quarterback. With a quick glance the first things you notice are his athleticism, arm strength, and physical presence. He's got the height, you want, and a build that could easily tack on some good weight. Physically, he has what a Division 1 program wants in a quarterback that they can develop.

Russell shows great pre-snap abilities. You can see from the line he is comfortable, reads the defensive set, and knows where he needs to look first on each play. Follow him through a play where the defense has decent coverage, and you can see him go through his progressions quickly. In the pocket, Seth shows good footwork. He takes his drop, plants, and rolls his hip into his delivery all with speed and timing. When Russell pushes all the way through his release & really puts his hips into it he can really throw a bullet. On shorter passes it can be almost too much but the arm strength is certainly there.

His feet stay active most of the time and upon occasion he will take an extra hop step right before he throws that he doesn't need to, but that is coachable. You want a quarterback to keep his feet moving the whole time he is in the pocket. This enables a quarterback to make slight moves within the pocket quickly, or be faster when he has to get the heck out of dodge. Speaking of which, Seth Russell can do very well. In the pocket he shows good composure; staying in the pocket to complete his throw even when he knows the hit is coming. He stays in there and takes it without hurrying his throw. Russell also has good awareness and is very comfortable passing on the move. Operating in shifting pockets or sliding protection schemes seems natural for him. When the pressure comes and he has no outlet, he can also tuck the ball and run. With a forty time around 4.6 he is not a trail blazer, but you can't overlook his ability to go from passer to runner very quickly and effectively. I wouldn't hesitate to call him a bit of a dual threat.

From top to bottom Russell has all the attributes you would look for in a Division 1 quarterback. Is he going to come in and compete for playing time from day one? Probably not; there are things that need work like having better touch on his passes, polishing up his footwork, and depending on the coach he is under his delivery. Time spent learning the system is always beneficial. There is big upside to Seth Russell and with some time in the weight room and a good quarterback coach, he could possibly be a very, very good quarterback. This is a player that may be a little underrated and a good one to keep your eye on his development. Recommended Stories

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