Big 12 Best and Worst Case - Part 1

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There is a wide range of scenarios in front of every team in the Big 12, but what is the best case and the worst case for its 10 members?

We all love best-case scenarios. What happens when EVERYTHING clicks and works perfectly? What happens when it all comes together the way that fanatics (what do you think “fan” is short for, slick?) can only dream about on message boards at 2am. They rarely happen to the highest of the degree, but every team has a best case. It is their ceiling, their maximum. Whenever there is a ceiling though, a floor must be present. Here is our stab at the best and worst case for each of the Big 12 teams. Kansas Best Case – The Jayhawks take a few baby steps away from their abysmal play the last few years, and back into at least not being tragically awful. They win two Big 12 games, beating Iowa State and upsetting TCU to get to 4 wins on the year. The best news is, they stop getting destroyed by any good team they face, and even hang around for a while against Duke, Texas and Oklahoma State. While it might not feel like a great year at the end, substantial progress is seen on the field...

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